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Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc. has multiple trailer configurations with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers. Browse our equipment gallery to get a brief overview of each design as well as pictures to better illustrate the versatility, experience, technology, and reliability of Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc.
Super Dual Lane Transport

Super Dual Lane Transport


Typical Dimensions Deck Type: Perimeter or Overhead Deck Length: 40' to 90' Deck Width: 13' 6" to 26' 0" Deck Height: 1' 2" Drive Units: 2x- 550 HP Engines Max Weight: 225 Tons (450,000 lbs.) w/ Parameter

Perimeter Dual Lane Trailers

Perimeter Dual Lane Trailers


Typical Dimensions Deck Type: Perimeter Deck Length: 42' to 90' Deck Width: 10' 6" to 22' 0" Deck Height: 1' 4" Max Weight: 215 Tons (430,000 lbs.)

Escort Vehicles

Escort Vehicles


Diamond Heavy Haul offers a wide range of escort vehicles to accompany oversized trailers.