A History of Innovation

Steve Engel, at the young age of 21, had a vision to get involved in a new era of heavy hauling. Starting out with a single truck tractor, Diamond Heavy Haul showed steady progress and transformed itself from a one man operation into the established “go-to” carrier that Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc. is today.

Steve, the President of Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc., possessed the vision, desire, and determination to take his thoughts and ideas that kept him awake at night and make them a reality. As early as high school, Steve displayed his talents for engineering, designing equipment used in the classroom even today. This in turn, catapulted Steve to bring to life his innovative technology on a larger scale.

In the early years, Diamond Heavy Haul leased its equipment to several of the more prominent heavy haulers of the day, but Steve decided it was time to branch out on his own and continue to implement his thoughts and ideas. In 1986, Steve, unsatisfied with the quality of the trailers that were available on the market and the increased demand of specialized equipment, began to build and produce some of his concepts and engineering designs. This in turn led to the creation of Diamond Trailers.

From the 50-ton Lowboy series of 1986, the 75-ton Step Deck series of 1987, the first 11-Axle Lowboys of 1989, and the first 13-Axle of 1991, to the bigger and more innovative 19-Axles of 1994, Diamond Trailers has continued today to be on the cutting edge of technology, incorporating its state of the art engineering with its modern 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

If given a choice, Steve would prefer to work side by side with his manufacturing staff and continue to make alterations and improvements to existing equipment. Being out on the floor enables engineering to become a reality without all the “red tape”. Since 1986, Diamond Trailers has supplied many specialized carriers in the industry with its trailer technology and concepts. Today, Steve has shifted his approach and has secured some of his most unique designs for Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc.’s own fleet.

Today’s engineering includes some of the most unique and versatile trailer layouts on the market. These include the 20-Axle Lowboy series with rear Push Motor assist, the multifunctional Perimeter series trailers, and the Dual Lane Transporter series of tomorrow. These unique trailer designs continue to keep Diamond Trailers & Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc. leaders in the heavy haul industry.

Since 1998, Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc. has reinvented itself by becoming a major player in the heavy haul arena, exhibiting some of the most innovative trailer fabrications in the industry today. In addition, Diamond still possesses the manufacturing entity allowing alterations to current equipment to be accomplished without compromise.

Take a few moments to continue your tour by visiting our trailer photo gallery section featuring some of these unequaled equipment applications. If you see it in the future, then others have borrowed it from our past. Diamond Trailers & Diamond Heavy Haul, Inc. will continue to be on the cutting edge of technology and leaders in the heavy haul industry.


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